I bought an older home that had been set up to be a smart house 2 years ago. The previous owners did not give me any of the information about the network or any of the passwords. DM NetWorking was able to help me set a mesh network in my home, that runs the Internet and home network. Before meeting David, no one was willing to help with these issues. He is very knowledgeable and worked hard to solve my problems.

Cathy D. 

"Absolutely fantastic. Communication was excellent at he was sitting in traffic and let me know and still managed to show up on time. There were some nuances related to my existing equipment that had been previously installed incorrectly and he was able to troubleshoot everything and in the 2 weeks since he left, we have had PERFECT working high speed internet throughout the entire home at every corner. The mesh is working the way it was intended. He even found a CAT 5 cable that was incorrectly built and was restricting speed to one of the mesh platforms that was causing some of the problems. His patience and expertise had a "spidey sense" of the issue, and he was right. Completely professional and helpful. I have no other connection with DM except for hiring him off of Yelp reviews and I am VERY HAPPY I did. I would gladly hire him again."

Reed W.